Workshop for First Novelists – March 31

The Ten Most Common Mistakes  First Novelists Make banner

The Ten Most Common Mistakes
First Novelists Make

A fiction and narrative nonfiction workshop lead by
literary agent, Toni Lopopolo

Saturday, March 31, 9 am-12 noon, $49

To be held at World University, Ojai
in conjunction with Ojai WordFest

Are you writing a novel or narrative nonfiction book or a first or second draft? Would you like to avoid the pitfalls that mark a new novelist?

Toni novel writing workshopLopopolo is a former Executive Editor at Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press who opened her literary agency in 1991. Toni got the idea for her list of “Ten Most Common Mistakes” after reading the mountain of unsolicited—and mostly unskilled—novels writers began sending her. She decided to show new novelists what skills they must master to write a publishable and commercial novel or narrative nonfiction book.

“So many people dive into fiction or narrative nonfiction without understanding that writing a novel, or a narrative nonfiction book, is not like writing a thesis for an English Lit class. To become published, writers must meet a high standard achievable IF they know where the bar is placed and why. With the Ten Most Common Mistakes workshop, budding writers learn what skills they need to master. These skills are not taught in schools or writing classes.” – Toni Lopopolo


The Ten Most Common Mistakes First Novelists Make is but one of three workshops presented by the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing during Ojai WordFest. All PIPW workshops are lead by published professionals with many years of experience and a proven track record.

Click here to learn more about the other workshops.

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