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Comprehensive Editing Services Full Manuscript
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Toni Lopopolo Literary Management Introduces Editorial Services for novelists, nonfiction writers and memoirists

Toni Lopopolo, who boasts an impressive 35+ years in the book publishing business, announces Editorial Services, a new agency program. The former New York executive editor at both Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press combines her many years in publishing with her unique editing skills for new and seasoned authors. She is accepting manuscripts for review beginning October 11.

The new services cover all aspects of editing a manuscript from early assessment of the first ten pages to a preliminary assessment of the full draft. A writer may want comprehensive editing of the first 100 pages or for the entire manuscript. These services are available to writers with completed manuscripts or for those with at least 100 well-crafted pages. Toni reviews the submitted manuscript and selects writers who show commercial or literary appeal as novels, memoirs, or narrative nonfiction for today’s competitive book market.

“Toni Lopopolo cleaned up my act. She is not only a brilliant editor, she is a gifted storyteller herself who helped me discover opportunities in my manuscript with regard to both plot and character that I didn’t recognize before our work together. With unflagging attention to detail, she homed in on flaws in my manuscript, large and small, but managed to bring them to my attention in a constructive way, righting my course and pointing me in a better direction every time. This year proved to be a watershed for my writing, marking the divide between ‘Before Toni’ and ‘After Toni.’ I am grateful every day for Toni’s tutelage and guidance. I never want to write another manuscript without her. ”Marjorie McCown of Los Angeles

Download Toni’s Philosophy of Editing for Fiction and The 10 Most Common Mistakes First-Time Memoir Writers Make


Assessment of first ten pages – $125

Detailed editorial letter evaluating the first ten pages for voice, writing style, attention-grabbing beginning, compelling story, subtext, and more. But most important: what agents and publishing editors look for. The first pages offer the most important chance a writer has to grab the attention of an agent and an editor in a publishing house. Also point out weaknesses, habit works, and non-competitive writing style.

Turnaround time for first ten-pages assessment is typically two to three weeks or less.

Preliminary assessment of full manuscript:

Does the novel have that competitive edge in voice, character, dialog, and the compelling story agents and publishers look for that will bring them praise and profits?  Can the novel, as presented, stand up to today’s competitive market?  Find the soft spots, slow spots, reader-feeder. Info dumps, habit words, the dreaded author intrusion, plus whatever might need further work from the writer.

A complete evaluation of the novel for voice/point of view, characters, story, plot, pacing, rate of revelation, setting, and especially, dialog.

Word Count              Price
60,000 to 80,000       $1,400
80,001 to 100,000      $1,650

Turnaround time for Preliminary assessment is typically four to six weeks.


First 100 Pages – $900

Today’s publisher/agent/reader wants the story to start on the first page.  Publishers, agents also look for grabber beginnings. EOC (end of chapter) must be strong or wily enough to make the reader want to turn the page. Voice is the most significant skill a writer must master. Mastery must be complete and show in the writing. The first page grabs the reader; the next 99 pages keeps them wanting to turn the pages. Characters must be strong enough to pull the story along. Dialog must not sound like conversation.

These skills will be emphasized:

  • Story
  • Voice
  • Point of View
  • Characters
  • Dialog vs Narration
  • Pacing
  • Writing Style for today’s conventions
  • Commercial or literary appeal of story

Plus a once-over proofreading for errors, habit words and phrasing. Editing and comments in text.

Turn around time is three to four weeks

Full Manuscript $0.09 per word

Detailed critique and guidance on revision via editorial letter with marginal comments in manuscript text. Edits and comments within text.

What you will receive:  a complete, edited manuscript with flagging, mark-up of habit words and phrases, editorial comments, inserts, suggestions and ideas for revisions, errors, reader-feeder, flagged author intervention, violations, comments re: structure or needed re-structure, comments on dialog, problems with pace or beats, weak spots, info dumps, importance of setting, rate of revelation, cliff hangers or lack of, habit words, plus a detailed editorial letter, along with telephone and email discussions, plus editorial attention to:

  • Comprehensive Developmental Editing
  • Content and Line Editing
  • Point of View/Voice
  • Dialog
  • Story
  • Character
  • Plot
  • Writing Style
  • Soft spots and habit words
  • Author interference
  • Pacing
  • Identification of genre
  • Setting

Includes a detailed editorial letter as well as edits and comments in text.

Turnaround time is six to twelve weeks.


Writing Mentor Program for First Draft – $2,600

One hour a week phone call with notes for 6 months – Mentoring thru discussions, character development, who tells the story, reading assignments, story line, writing assignments, story development, dialog, plus today’s writing style conventions.

Starting your novel:

  • Voice
  • Point of View
  • Character(s)
  • Engine
  • Story
  • Interior monolog
  • Dialog
  • Beats/Plot
  • Style
  • Pacing
  • Self-Editing

Consultations on each skill

Writing Mentor for Subsequent Drafts – $2,300

One hour a week phone discussions, for 6 months: notes, mastering of skills, self-editing direction.

Revising your first draft:

  • Characters
  • Voice/Point of View
  • Story
  • Dialog
  • Beats
  • Style

Consultations on each skill

Line editing: additional charge

Please email Toni to set up a phone conference to discuss your goals lopopolobooks@aol.com