Kathleen O’Donnell

Congratulations to Kathleen O’Donnell whose novel Last Day for Rob Rhino is a two time book of the year finalist from Next Generation Indie Book Awards and Foreword’s Book of the Year IndieFab Awards.

Kathleen O'DonnellUnlike shoe sales or brunch buffets, Kathleen O’Donnell arrived late to her writing career.  Writing her first manuscript well after her nest was empty.  She and her husband have four children, four grandchildren and divide their time between Denver, Colorado and Santa Barbara, California.

If Amerasian is still a word, or ever was, she’s it.  Born in Taiwan to a Taiwanese mother and adopted by American parents, she’s lived all over the world.

She makes no apologies for loving clothes, food, shoes, weirdos and Lucy. She’s forever grateful for her family, fried food, and the written word.

Read the first three chapters of Last Day for Rob Rhino Kathleen O’Donnell’s debut novel from Damnation Books. Ebook available July 1, paperback August 1, 2013. Download the media kit for Last Day for Rob Rhino.

Meet Claire Corrigan

Last Day for Rob RhinoShe’s a bald widow on a mission. With a heavy load in a Louis Vuitton carryon, Claire heads to rural Pennsylvania to confront the in-laws she’s never met. To get through, Claire partakes with abandon from the traveling pharmacy in her Prada purse.

Aging porn star Rob Rhino’s on the same plane headed east, on a mission of sorts too. A reality show has made Rob an unlikely TV sensation, but his past draws him back to the place where it all began.

Claire hates fat, stinky Rob on sight but can’t shake him. They’ve both got big problems. Claire’s is in the overhead compartment. Rob’s is in his pants. They forge an unlikely bond in an eccentric town where everyone has something to hide.

If Claire’s not careful, their dysfunctional friendship might be the death of her.

Dark, quirky, funny, and bold, The Last Day for Rob Rhino, takes off at a breakneck speed and never slows down. Author Kathleen O’Donnell introduces us to a world in which everyone has dark secrets and help comes with a price.

If you like twists, turns and the American underbelly, you’ll love The Last Day for Rob Rhino.

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