Wondering how to end your novel?

When writing a novel you have to figure out where the story begins, and just as important, how the story ends. Literary Agent Toni Lopopolo joins Shelly Lowenkopf, author of The Fiction Writer’s Companion, in a discussion about “Anticlimax”.

“I’ve read several novels I’ve just loved, ” Toni said. “I thought they ended then realized there’s another quarter of the story. Like they just can’t stop.”

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1 Response to Wondering how to end your novel?

  1. Good information and examples Shelly and Toni. A distracting background interfered with some of my attention, but not so much that I began counting cups. Would love to see more 5 minute video’s (inside Cafe Luna with your book in the background) especially on better beginnings, tension, and plot.

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