Example of Narrative Voice in Novel Writing

Toni Lopopolo reads an excerpt from Beat the Reaper by Josh Bazell as an example of good narrative voice in a novel. Book editor Shelly Lowenkopf talks about how narrative comes from the character, not the author. In other words, “Stay the f* out of your own novel.”

This is an excerpt from a Fiction Bootcamp Intensive.

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1 Response to Example of Narrative Voice in Novel Writing

  1. lopopolo says:

    Make sure you know your character well. Write a extensive biography or autobiography of that character. Let that character tell the story, do not let your author’s voice creep in, the fault of many a new fiction writer. Use a very intimate 3rd pov, like Dennis Lehane does (ditto Kate Atkinson), or the more risky first person, which Josh Bazell does so well in Beat The Reaper and Jeff Abbott’s Adrenaline.

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