Toni Lopopolo on Literary Gumbo TV

Literary Agent and teacher, Toni Lopopolo, returns Literary Gumbo TV to update host Fred Klein about her ventures since relocating permanently to Santa Barbara. She is active seeking new clients as well as teaching fiction bootcamps with Shelly Lowenkopf and workshops for women writers she calls Tea with Toni.

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4 Responses to Toni Lopopolo on Literary Gumbo TV

  1. Julie says:

    I really enjoyed this interview. It gave me a lot of information but the one thing that is going to get my writing on target is the “Butt Glue.” Just saying those words to myself when my mind wonders will keep me working on my priority. Finishing my Novel. Thanks!

  2. Sharon S. Schlesinger says:

    Hmmmm. Do they sell it in bulk at Cosco?

  3. lopopolo says:

    I have a few tubes of Butt Glue left from a sale at CVS. Toni Lopopolo Literary Management 4410 Nueces Drive Santa Barbara, CA 93110 215-353-1151

  4. ntrprzing says:

    Best episode so far!

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