Two great craft of writing workshops


Two amazing, intense workshops
focused to develop your skills
Each workshop is limited to 20 Writers.
(less than 10 places left for either workshop)

Both workshop instructors have the resumes and street creds to show you how to improve your manuscript and develop professional-level skills. Founding instructors at the 805 Writers Conference, Toni Lopopolo and Shelly Lowenkopf bring decades of experience that is fine-tuned each day through their continued work in publishing and working with new writers.

4a50bd28-400b-48f9-917d-dcb6e1d8424aToni Lopopolo, on the left, and Shelly Lowenkopf

Attend one or both workshops
Or purchase a Craft of Writing Weekend Pass: only five passes left.
Details below.
The Five Skills You Must Master to
Write a Viable Novel or Memoir

Saturday, November 5, 9 am to noon
with agent/editor/writing mentor,
Toni Lopopolo

This workshop presents the five most important skills that writers must master in order to write viable novels/ narrative nonfiction, which includes memoir. The course covers the importance of mastering Fiction Techniques for all types of narrative writing: Narrative= story. Bring the first 2 pages of your novel/memoir for Toni to read aloud, time permitting, and a list of questions to ask Toni.

The Skills in this interactive workshop include:

  • Voice—how to achieve the best voice for your character(s)
  • Point of View (all-important for voice)
  • Dialog differentiation, dialog vs conversation
  • Character—quick methods to establish character in one or two lines.
  • Self-Editing – includes: why in your scenes, chapters, novel/book you must come in late, leave early, Plus a list of important tips for today’s fiction and nonfiction to cover best self-editing techniques.


How to Open a Story, Close a Scene, and End a Novel

Saturday, November 5, 2:15 to 5:15 pm
with author, editor and USC masters of
writing instructor, Shelly Lowenkopf

Story opens in ways that plunge characters into chaos and the consequential need to make choices. Readers look for cues of something unexpected or destabilizing as they crash down on someone they can relate to, attempting to cope, followed by hints of which character will be the guide through the resulting chaos. How, for instance, Dorothy sought ways to get out of Oz and back to Kansas.

This three-hour session stresses the need to start the dramatic narrative with significant, relevant action, emphasizing with an analysis of several effective beginnings the necessary elements to engage and hold the reader’s focus, including editorial guidance for things to avoid.

Customize the conference just for you.
Buy a full weekend pass, one-day pass or individual sessions.
Only 5 special Craft of Writing Weekend passes left which includes both workshops and full Sunday conference pass.

Individual workshop – $99 until October 1
Craft of Writing Weekend – $349 until October 1
(includes lunch both days with Ask the Experts)



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