Women’s Fiction & Nonfiction Saturdays

Writing About the Lives of Women

WHO: Toni Lopopolo, Literary Agent, Editor, former New York Executive Editor at Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press
WHAT: Women’s Fiction & Nonfiction Workshop; men writing about women welcome
WHERE: Cafe in Westchester, off the 405
WHEN: Saturdays @ 10 am March 7, 14, 21 & 28

Publishing industry research tells us women read more than men, and women buy more books than men. These conclusions support the theory that women’s lives play a significant role in today’s literature.

Women readers buy more books concerning the lives of ordinary (on the outside) as well as extraordinary women.

With small, interactive workshops, Agent/Editor, Toni Lopopolo, is able to give personal attention to each writer, working to strengthen writing skills and sharpen important writing techniques. With over thirty years of book publishing experience, Toni developed a workshop format limited to no more than six attendees. Students receive personalized instruction and editing. You’ll learn the all-important skill of self-editing plus how to revise, develop, and structure novels, or nonfiction stories, that tell engrossing dramas which today’s readers welcome.

Ms. Lopopolo, a former executive editor at Macmillan and St Martin’s Press, has worked with bestselling authors for years. She’ll help you find your voice, and very different, the voice(s) of your main character(s) to create a winning story. Over the last 17 years, Toni has offered writing workshops that helped scores of writers improve their skills to today’s competitive levels and finally, complete their novels or memoirs.

Unlike college courses, or conference classes, in four sessions per workshop, Toni will show you how to craft your story, create the best structure through the BEATS necessary to carry your plot to a resonating finish. Come to this workshop prepared to work.

Toni will help you:

  • Find which genre dovetails with your own strengths and writing style
  • Create REAL main characters who ring true on the page
  • Develop a unique VOICE for each of the main characters
  • EVOKE rather than describe
  • NEVER violate the all-important point-of-view
  • Write CHARGED dialog that’s NEVER conversation
  • Develop unique CONFLICT that creates ongoing tension
  • Become aware of your “habit” words
  • “Listen” to your own writing

Plus so much more including the all-important reading list of books needed. Make your story rise to the standard today’s agents, publishers, and readers, demand.

Each workshop limited to six writers who must submit the first five pages of their first chapter before acceptance.

If these dates or location don’t work for you, please contact Toni for other options.

Four consecutive sessions per workshop: $275
For more information
Email Toni
Phone (215) 353-1151

Note: Once a writer’s place is reserved, the workshop fee is nonrefundable. Missed workshops or single sessions may be made up within 30 days of the original date.

Testimonials from past students of Toni Lopopolo:

“Weekly sessions with Toni and a small group of emerging writers provide the motivation to keep my writing moving forward and the professional guidance to improve my writing skills. My first-draft novel gained new life through Toni’s rigorous editing, vigorous discussions, and great feedback always.” – Anita Perez Ferguson, Santa Barbara, CA

“Tea with Toni is book bootcamp. If you dream of making your novel publish-worthy, Toni’s the one to whip your book and you into shape. She’ll murder your adverbs, pump up your tension and help you flex your writing muscles, all over a lovely cup of tea.” – Toni Guy, Ventura, CA

“I learned plenty from editing my own work along with the work of others, receiving input from the group. Understood the weaknesses not only in those couple of pages of my story but how I can spot the same issues throughout the rest of my work–voice, evoke. I felt the time spent in Toni Lopopolo’s workshop invaluable.” –Eva