Tea with Toni Mondays at 10:30 AM in Ventura

The popular Tea With Toni workshop offered for writers of fiction & narrative nonfiction (memoir)

August 7, 14, 21 & 28
September 11, 18, 25 & October 2

Mondays at 10:30 AM

Literary agent Toni Lopopolo will help you craft your manuscript into a marketable book. A former executive editor at Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press, Toni knows what it takes to get a book published. Her highly successful “Tea with Toni” workshops bring area writers up to competitive speed with important techniques in both fiction and narrative nonfiction.

For fiction writers:

  • Your character’s (or characters’) defining moment*
  • How to Kill Your Darlings*
  • Creating a distinct voice by choosing the strongest point of view*
  • Using the six senses*
  • Awareness of  your habit words*
  • Avoiding author intervention
  • Writing powerful sentences; knowing what to cut*
  • The importance of eccentricity in characters*
  • Intensifying the intimacy of your characters
  • Writing in dramatic scenes*
  • Listening to your own writing*
  • The importance of self-editing skills*
  • Story vs. Plot
  • Avoiding reader feeder
  • Your show vs. tell ratio*
  • Anecdote vs story*

*These skills crossover to memoir.

For memoir writers:

  • How to create a unique voice
  • Fiction techniques that make nonfiction intriguing and engrossing
  • The art of detachment
  • The elements that give a real-life story universal appeal
  • How to orchestrate story, characters, events
  • How to narrow the lens to achieve focus for today’s readers.
    If your memoir should be fictionalized
  • If your memoir measures up to what’s published today
  • What to include or leave out
  • How to edit for interest and drama
  • How to avoid reporting/documenting real life facts by using
  • Special techniques for dramatizing reality

Toni’s methods help you master the skills necessary to become a successful published author in today’s competitive market. Fiction and today’s narrative nonfiction, which includes memoir, must grab publishing editors’ attention, keep them riveted so that they’ll read the entire manuscript and not stop when the story falters. Learn special techniques for creating extraordinary stories, in both fiction and nonfiction, to help you achieve your goal to produce a manuscript with irresistible writing that editors in publishing houses will want for the three-season lists they must fill with high-concept, marketable books.

Testimonials from past students of Toni Lopopolo…

“Couldn’t have written anything without you.” — Larry Seeley, Santa Fe, NM author of Gypsies Tramps and Thieves, and 17 Degrees North

“Character development, pace, dialog: all essential tools for mastering the craft. I’ve taken classes, joined writer’s groups and participated in workshops but nothing brought these things home like Tea With Toni. If you’re serious about writing, open your mind, let go of your ego and let Toni help you become the writer you know you can be. I know I’m glad I did.” — Sharon, Thousand Oaks, CA

Workshop limited to six writers who must submit the first five pages of their first chapter before acceptance.

Cost: Four consecutive workshops, $265

Note: Once a writer’s place is reserved, the workshop fee is nonrefundable. Missed workshops or single session may be made up within 60 days of original date. If you’d like to join but have a problem with certain dates, talk to Toni to arrange dates to accommodate your schedule.


For further information please email: lopopolobooks@aol.com
or call Toni at (215) 353-1151

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  1. tamara kinsell says:

    Please enroll me for the August workshop.

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