Short Story Writing Intensive Weekend


Saturday & Sunday, April 22 & 23
Montecito CA

With short story author and veteran editor, Shelly Loenkopf,
and literary agent and editor, Toni Lopopolo

The short story is the neglected choice for beginning and
intermediate writers to pursue publication.

Writers know they can sell short stories much faster than they
can sell a novel.

Learn where and how the short story begins. Apply the 85/15 Rule,
85% dramatic action/15% description.

Shelly Lowenkopf has guided hundreds of students to the development of their own narrative voice from which short stories are a natural consequence. He is a well-published short story writer, and author of the award-winning collection, Love Will Make You Drink and Gamble, Stay Out Late at Night.

Following techniques he and Toni Lopopolo will demonstrate in this practical, craft-oriented session, you will learn how to pick the kinds of characters who work best in short fiction, how to invest them with long-range dramatic goals, and how to build compelling opening pages.

The short story teaches the beginning and intermediate writer how to develop his/her original narrative voice, then proceed to establish a platform as a published writer, attracting readers in the process, then the attention of literary agents, and ultimately book publishers.

You will come away from this course learning what true narrative is, where to begin your story, what to avoid, where you need to be different, and how to get your characters to talk in the dramatic equivalent of “dirty.”

Learn how to surprise yourself, your readers, and your characters

  • Learn how the middle can be used to create suspense by cutting away from a cliffhanger to introduce a third voice to a two-person argument
  • Learn how and why the short story differs from the novel which has a different kind of ending
  • Learn how the short story insists on every line moving toward an accelerated combustion
  • Learn what to put in the ending of a short story
  • Learn what ingredients must never go into the ending
  • Learn how to take the pulse of each story
  • Learn what words not to use in short stories
  • Learn five top dialogue secrets you’ll want to use later in your novels
  • Learn how short stories lead to novels
  • Find out why subtext in the short story is different and how to repair damages you may have injected into your early drafts

Limited to eight writers – $395 per person

April 22 & 23
9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Montecito CA

To find out if you’re eligible to register, submit the first three pages (double-spaced) of your work to:
or call Toni at (215) 353-1151

(NOTE: Pages must be double-spaced)

What Students Say:

“The L and L team was just what the doctor ordered for me personally. I wrote this piece in four months with almost an obsessive zeal and spent the last year going over and over the material with a hired editor. I have had three people read it and each has paid me high compliments but none have any connection with the writing establishment. So, though it was pleasant to hear their words, I have been somewhat skeptical. You two have been the first people who have looked at it with experienced eyes and your perception has been invaluable. I was at a point of letting it all drift away and at the end of the session the woman next to me said she was excited about reading my story. I was thrilled.” – Michael J. Rogers

“I had a wonderful time at the XBC. Got a real kick out of Shelly. I could tell both of you bring a vast expanse of knowledge and experience to the table. Both of you work well together. It is always good to reinforce what I have learned, plus I learned much more. Took lots of notes. Quite motivational. I hope to attend more in the future.” – Antony