Beware of writing Swifties… a fate worse than…….

the Tom Swift series, published for boy readers 100 yrs ago, gave you terms such as “Fire! “Tom cried alarmingly”  That was then.  Today  readers are much more sophisticated. Avoid what I see over and over  e.g.  “no,” I said flatly.  I said sincerely, I replied, I called, I blurted, he muttered, she hissed (really?), snapped.  You must convey all with the words you use, your  writing, and     said is invisible. all the best writers tell us to use said  for the attribution  Read Self-Editing For Fiction Writers By Renni Browne and Dave King or please don’t speak to me.  thanks. If you can’t “show” how that character feels thru intimate pov, interior monologue, you cheat the reader with short cut adverbs after an attribution.  And please, always put “said” after  the speaker.. not before.   I call those “Dick and Janes’s”  e.g. Hello Jane, said Dick, Hello Dick said Jane.  get it?

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Radio Interview with Toni Lopopolo

Toni Lopopolo Explains The Correct Way To Polish A Book To Publish  From Her Book Writing Bootcamps

On 07.25.11, In July  2011, by Bill Frank

Toni Lopopolo, literary agent, brings a book publishing resume that began in  1970 where she began in the publicity dept of Bantam Books.

She worked at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Houghton Mlfflin, Macmillan and St.  Martin’s Press.

In l991, Toni opened Literary Management and has sold books for authors to  the major publishing houses.

Toni is known for her Fiction Bootcamp workshops where she helps first-time  novelists to master the skills needed to successfully write book-length fiction,  and she aids nonfiction writers to produce compelling narrative nonfiction,  using fiction techniques.

Toni Lopopolo Explains The Correct Way To  Polish A Book To Publish From Her Book Writing Bootcamps [ 15:04 ] Play Now | Play  in Popup | Download (1)
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Bootcamp Interview with Toni & Shelly

Are you wondering what it’s like to work with Toni Lopopolo and Shelly Lowenkopf?

Shelly Lowenkopf, professor emeritus, masters writing program, USC, and nationally renowned book editor, along with Toni Lopopolo, literary agent, writing instructor, Temple U., former executive editor Macmillan and St Martin’s Press, present a Fiction Bootcamp Intensive Limited to 10 Advanced Writers.

In this interview, Toni and Shelly talk about the Bootcamp with former student, Tim Malone.

Click here to view interview.

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Bookcamp Intensive Sept 23, 24, 25 2011 Cafe Luna, Summerland CA

We have set the dates for our next Fiction BootCamp Inensive writing program.  See BootCamp page for details about our upcoming intensive.  There are limited seats available, so early registration is advised.

Hope to see you there.



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Bookcamp Intensive May 13, 14, 15 2011 Cafe Luna, Summerland CA/

Hi:   The new Bootcamp Intensive meets this Friday, May 13th, at Cafe Luna, Summerland CA.  There are 2 places left.  Sign up pronto if you can attend.  let me know.  thanks, Toni

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Toni Lopopolo Joins the CCWC Conference

Toni Lopopolo will be teaching a workshop at the Cape Cod Writers Center Conference August 14-19, 2011.  The 2011 Conference is a writer’s retreat and resource center for the Twenty-First Century
featuring famous keynote speakers and authors.
Please visit the Cape Cod Writers Center website to read more about the event.

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Literary Gumbo Interviews Toni

Santa Barbara CA

Click picture to watch interview
Literary Gumbo is a weekly look at the world of writers. Host Fred Klein conducts in depth interviews with a variety of scribes – from daily columnists to bestselling authors. It also includes regular updates on new books, book club favorites, and publishing news.
Former executive editor at Macmillan and then St. Martin’s Press, Toni Lopopolo, reminisces with host Fred Klein about her many years in publishing, and talks about her unique editing skills which she now uses in her full service literary management agency.
Click here to view the entire video interview.
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