Women Writing About Women for Women

Literary agent Toni Lopopolo recently relocated her agency to the Central Coast and will be working with authors and prospective authors to help them craft tightly written fiction that is marketable. Ms Lopopolo held Executive Editor positions with Macmillan and St. Martin’s and stands ready to help writers achieve their dreams of publication. This is the first in a series to be produced in conjunction with the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing, a California 501 (c)(3) educational nonprofit.

There will be four afternoon sessions limited to eight women writers. The classes begin on Saturday, November 19 at 1 pm and run four consecutive Saturdays. They will be held in the private location. A carpool has been arranged for women coming from Ventura County.

“While visiting last spring,” Ms Lopopolo said, “I held my first Tea with Toni in Ventura and had an incredible response from attendees. Another successful Tea with Toni took place last month with several returning writers. Since I am working with the Pacific Institute for Professional Writing, I agreed to hold one here in Santa Barbara with the organization. ”

This is an interactive workshop for female writers of romance, mainstream fiction and narrative nonfiction. The focus of the group will stress story, character, point of view, dialogue, pacing, plot and writing in scenes. And most important, everything will be viewed through the MARKETABILITY lens.

Each writer must present from 5 to 10 pages of their writing to Toni and the other writers at least five days before each session, plus a story summary. Each will receive feedback from a publishing professional with years of experience in the business both as an editor, writing instructor at Temple University, as well as from writers in the group.

Additionally, Ms Lopopolo will thoroughly edit (red line) each attendee’s work. The cost is $200 for all four sessions.

To reserve a space, email: lopopolobooks@aol.com or phone Toni at 215-353-1151.

Two books are needed for the course:

  1. Stein On Writing by Sol Stein
  2. Self-Editing For Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King
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Lopopolo Literary Agency Moves West



Agent looking for writers with potential for series and/or subsequent books.

Toni Lopopolo Literary Management has relocated its office from the East Coast to Santa Barbara. Founded in 1991, Toni Lopopolo Literary Management boasts an impressive 35+ years in the book publishing business. A former executive editor at Macmillan and then St. Martin’s Press, Lopopolo combines her many years in publishing with her unique editing skills to provide a full service literary agency to new and seasoned authors.

Read full article in the Santa Barbara Independent

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Bookcamp Intensive Nov 12 & 13 2011 Thousand Oaks

November 12 & 13, 2011 – Thousand Oaks

We have set the dates for our next Fiction BootCamp Inensive writing program. See BootCamp page for details about our upcoming intensive. There are only four seats left for November, so early registration is advised.

Cost: $295

Contact: Toni Lopopolo at 215-353-1151

Hope to see you there.


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How our language changes–for the worst: that instead of who.

When did humans become “that?”  e.g  “He was the man that said those words.”   Whatever happened to “who?”   “He was the man who said those words.”  Was it “whom” that ruined “who?”.  Maybe it was “whom” who ruined it all.  We’re not  sure if it’s “who” or “whom” so we substitute “that.”    Again, daughter Roseanna says:  “Too bad, Mom, you’re never going to win that one.”

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How our language changes .. for the worst: Walking on Eggs

The expression when I was growing up, was “walking on eggs”  i.e. how one had to be careful around a touchy person. “Whenever I talk to her, I feel like I have to walk on eggs.”  Meaning you have to be careful not to break the eggs.   How it got changed to “walking on eggshells” I’ll never understand. If you walk on eggshells, the eggs are already broken.  Think about the expression before you use it.  Eggshells is wrong. Eggs is right.  Sigh.  There’s a book out with the title Walking On Eggshells.  Sorry Charly, that’s not correct.  Think about it. But as my daughter said to me:  Chill mom, you can’t fix everything.

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Beware of writing Swifties… a fate worse than…….

the Tom Swift series, published for boy readers 100 yrs ago, gave you terms such as “Fire! “Tom cried alarmingly”  That was then.  Today  readers are much more sophisticated. Avoid what I see over and over  e.g.  “no,” I said flatly.  I said sincerely, I replied, I called, I blurted, he muttered, she hissed (really?), snapped.  You must convey all with the words you use, your  writing, and     said is invisible. all the best writers tell us to use said  for the attribution  Read Self-Editing For Fiction Writers By Renni Browne and Dave King or please don’t speak to me.  thanks. If you can’t “show” how that character feels thru intimate pov, interior monologue, you cheat the reader with short cut adverbs after an attribution.  And please, always put “said” after  the speaker.. not before.   I call those “Dick and Janes’s”  e.g. Hello Jane, said Dick, Hello Dick said Jane.  get it?

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Radio Interview with Toni Lopopolo

Toni Lopopolo Explains The Correct Way To Polish A Book To Publish  From Her Book Writing Bootcamps

On 07.25.11, In July  2011, by Bill Frank

Toni Lopopolo, literary agent, brings a book publishing resume that began in  1970 where she began in the publicity dept of Bantam Books.

She worked at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Houghton Mlfflin, Macmillan and St.  Martin’s Press.

In l991, Toni opened Literary Management and has sold books for authors to  the major publishing houses.

Toni is known for her Fiction Bootcamp workshops where she helps first-time  novelists to master the skills needed to successfully write book-length fiction,  and she aids nonfiction writers to produce compelling narrative nonfiction,  using fiction techniques.

Toni Lopopolo Explains The Correct Way To  Polish A Book To Publish From Her Book Writing Bootcamps [ 15:04 ] Play Now | Play  in Popup | Download (1)
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