Fiction & Nonfiction Saturday 1 PM

Develop, Structure, Revise Your Story in this Writers INTENSIVE Workshop


Saturdays at 1 PM Pacific

WHO: Toni Lopopolo, Literary Agent, Editor, former New York Executive Editor at Macmillan and St. Martin’s Press
WHAT: Women’s Fiction & Nonfiction Workshop; men writing about women welcome
WHERE: On your computer, smart phone or tablet via Zoom.
WHEN: Saturday @ 1 PM TBA*

*For upcoming dates, please contact Toni for options.

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Phone (215) 353-1151

Publishing industry research tells us women read more books than men. This conclusion supports the theory that women’s lives play a significant role in today’s literature.

Women readers buy more books concerning the lives of ordinary (on the outside) as well as extraordinary women.

With small, interactive workshops, Agent/Editor, Toni Lopopolo, gives personal attention to each writer, working to strengthen writing skills and sharpen important writing techniques. With over thirty years of book publishing experience, Toni developed a workshop format limited to no more than six writers who receive personalized instruction and editing before, during, and after each session. You’ll learn the all-important skill of self-editing plus how to revise, develop, and structure your novels, or narrative nonfiction story, memoir welcome, to create intriguing characters today’s readers look for.


Toni, as executive editor at Macmillan and St Martin’s Press, worked with bestselling authors to edit, polish, and market their books. As a Literary Agent, Toni works with writers she represents to perfect their novels or narrative nonfiction books for a better chance to win a contract from important publishers. In this workshop, she’ll help you find your own unique voice, and, extremely important and different, the voice(s) of your main character(s) to create a winning story. Over the last 30 years, Toni has offered writing workshops that helped scores of writers raise their writing skills to today’s competitive levels and finally, complete their novels or memoirs.

Unlike college courses, or conference classes, in four sessions per workshop, Toni will show you how to craft your story, create the best structure through the BEATS necessary to carry your plot to a resonating finish. Come to this workshop prepared to work.

Toni will help you:

  • Find which GENRE dovetails with your own strengths and writing style
  • Develop main CHARACTERS who ring true and evoke emotion in readers
  • Create a unique VOICE for each of your main characters 
  • Learn FICTION TECHNIQUES to develop the novelist’s eye for detail in fiction and nonfiction
  • Know the difference between STORY and plot
  • Use BEATS that create an intriguing plot
  • Master the SKILLS that will bring a story, whether fiction or nonfiction, a wide audience of today’s demanding readers
  • Learn to self-edit for interest and DRAMA
  • Never violate the all-important POINT-OF-VIEW
  • Write CHARGED dialog that never sounds like real-life conversation
  • Develop CONFLICT that creates ongoing tension
  • Know when to fictionalize your MEMOIR, 
  • Master skills that apply to both today’s nonfiction and fiction 
  • Become aware of HABIT WORDS we all overuse
  • Eliminate AUTHOR INTERFERENCE in your story
  • Know If your novel or memoir measures up to what’s PUBLISHED today
  • Find and fix SOFT SPOTS that make your story drag
  • Know what to include or leave out of YOUR story
  • Become your own best EDITOR

Plus so much more including the all-important reading list of the best books available for both fiction and nonfiction writers.

Each workshop limited to four to six writers who must submit the first five pages of their first chapter before acceptance. Toni will then discuss with each writer the format of the workshop, what’s expected of you in time and study, and what you’ll need to join the workshop.

Four consecutive sessions per workshop: $275
For more information
Email Toni
Phone (215) 353-1151

Note: Once a writer’s place is reserved, the workshop fee is nonrefundable. Missed workshops or single sessions may be made up within 30 days of the original date.

Testimonials from past students of Toni Lopopolo:

“Good writing is rooted in knowing the craft. Toni works with her writers to understand the nuances of writing a good story, including plot, point of view, intense character development, everything in between. In your writing, Toni will take you where you don’t want to go, but the end result will amaze you. Come join us on Zoom!” – Cristina Alvarado, San Gabriel

“If you want to upgrade your writing and learn the craft from an industry professional, Toni is the go-to teacher! I have learned so much from Toni and grateful for her instruction.” – Tisha Morris, Woodland Hills, CA

“I learned more in this ‘take no prisoners’ workshop than any other. Toni’s honest, concise and fearless dedication to craft exposed me to much-needed self-editing techniques, character development as well as other authors who are killing it on the page. I gained the necessary tools to whip my manuscript into shape and I am a better writer for it.” – Pam Ward, author, Want Some Get Some, Kensington

” Wow, what a difference Toni made in my writing in one day.” – Victoria, Westlake Village

“I learned plenty from editing my own work along with the work of others, receiving input from the group. Understood the weaknesses not only in those couple of pages of my story but how I can spot the same issues throughout the rest of my work–voice, evoke. I felt the time spent in Toni Lopopolo’s workshop invaluable.” -Eva, Ventura