Fiction/Narrative Nonfiction Intensive Class: Improve Your Writing … Now!

Toni Lopopolo at West Coast Writers Conferences
Sunday, June 19th, 2016 • 10:00 am – 2:00 pm ±
Los Angeles Valley College, Campus Center
(parking is free)

Do You Want to Take Your Writing to a Higher Level
And Increase Your Chances for Publishing Success?

Learn what it takes from veteran literary agent and former New York publishing editor, Toni Lopopolo, who will bring the experience, insider connections, and all-important story insight.

Ms. Lopopolo is a professional editor, seasoned instructor, and a successful literary agent since 1991. For twenty years before she opened her agency, Toni served as executive editor at Macmillan, then at St Martin’s Press in New York City. As an acquiring editor, Toni reviewed the best projects sent to her by agents.

When Toni opened her own agency, she realized, by what writers sent to her agency as “finished” manuscripts, that most had not mastered the required skills. Agents are the great “filtering” system, the “gate-keepers” who send only the most sophisticated writing they find, to editors in publishing houses. So Toni  has developed proven methods to help writers learn those skills, practice those skills, and master them.

Through this exclusive workshop you will get a select portion of your manuscript read by a literary agent / veteran educator in advance, which she will review with you in class, and you will revise during your time together.


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