Boot Camp Extreme: Sunday, February 28, 10 am-2 pm, Los Angeles Valley College

BCX Boot Camp Extreme Logo
Have you written a novel, or are you actively working on one?

Would you like to have it reviewed by a leading professional editor / literary agent ?

Are you open to critical analysis of your work by a veteran
who makes her living inside the publishing industry?

Boot Camp Extreme™ is a unique opportunity to learn from literary agent and professional editor, Toni Lopopolo, who will teach the steps necessary to improve the quality of your writing skills and techniques. This development takes place in a small group of dedicated active writers who can survive and prosper from an intensive training session. Thus, the name, Boot Camp Extreme. If you really want your work critically analyzed and get the tough love needed to polish the manuscript for publication, this is unique opportunity to get ahead of the game.

workshopYou will raise the quality of your writing, learn where your story really starts , learn to identify “habit” words and how to kill them, discover the right point of view (POV) to tell the story, learn to break the story into scenes, learn to listen to your own work and keep yourself as an author out of the work, discover how to develop a voice appropriate to the novel at hand, get rid of “hack” habits, as well as learn the reality of the book publishing market as it exists today.

  • This workshop is limited in size, so you receive a maximum amount individual attention in a workshop environment. This class has sold out in the past, so don’t miss this opportunity.
  • In addition to registration, you will also submit a sample of your writing before acceptance
    to: masters (at)

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to improve your skills and master your manuscript!

Pre-registration tuition is only $99
{for a limited time.*)
Walk-up registration is $149.*

The next BCX Boot Camp is being held:

Sunday, February 28th, 2016 • 10:00 am – 2:00 pm ±
Los Angeles Valley College, Campus Center
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