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Thog’s Masterclass

Missing Link Dept.

‘He was wearing a grey cap, grey jacket, white shirt, navy-blue striped tie and white socks, which he’d pulled up almost to his pink kneecaps.’ (Claire North, The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August, 2014)

Dept of Fractal Physics.

‘The fact is that such [black] holes can be very small, as small as the size of their constituent particles …’ (David A. Kyle, Lensman from Rigel, 1982)

Hothead Dept.

‘The human’s brain began to function once more; he could almost feel it sweating.’ (Poul Anderson and Gordon R. Dickson, ‘In Hoka Signo Vinces’, June 1953 Other Worlds)

Dept of Interplanetary Phrenology

‘I was somewhat startled, then, in looking at the head and center of the great military system of Mars, to find in his appearance a striking confirmation of the speculations of our terrestrial phrenologists. His broad, misshapen head bulged in those parts where they had located the so-called organs of combativeness, destructiveness, etc.’ (Garrett P. Serviss, Edison’s Conquest of Mars, 1898)

Running Off at the Mouth Dept.

‘Dolusi let a smile drip toward the scientist.’ (Curtis W. Casewit, The Peacemakers, 1960)

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2 Responses to More From Thog

  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the authors brain sweat to often from writing interplanetary nonsense.

  2. Toni says:

    Speculative genres make a lot of sales in the book market. Even good writers write bad sentences. I say,:where’s the editor in the publishing house? One reader’s nonsense is another reader’s entertainment.

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