Fiction Writers’ Master Class

Fiction Writers’ Master Class August 8-10, Montecito with instructors Shelly Lowenkopf and Toni Lopopolo August 8-10, Montecito

with instructors

Shelly Lowenkopf and Toni Lopopolo

Completed or still working on the first draft of your novel?
Are you ready for a Master Class with instructors
who work in-the-book-publishing trenches?

Can You Stand the Heat of Being Published?
Do You Have the Professional Wherewithall?

Announcing:  Fiction Writers’ Master Class

A packed weekend for writers ready to step up to the required level of publication with Mainstream Publishers and Street-Smart Newcomers, who are Changing the Face of Book Publishing

After this Fiction Intensive you’ll come away knowing:

  • What you have to do to attract a literary agent
  • How and why to work with a professional editor
  • How to visualize your potential readers
  • How to think the way agents and editors think
  • How to think and read like a writer
  • Why your opening sentence has to be the grabber it needs to be
  • Why your eoc (end of chapter) ditto above
  • Why a prospective agent stopped reading your manuscript  after a few pages
  • How getting published will change the way you think about writing, and
  • how to pursue your future projects

Fiction Writers’ Master Class aims laser focus on:

  • Voice
  • Your characters,
  • Your dialogue, (can you stand the test of dialogue performance?)
  • Your use of interior monologue,
  • The way you handle narrative, your use of details, and
  • Your approach to point-of-view.

Make No Mistake.  These elements become the primary causes agents and editors return your manuscripts mostly unread.

You have to show them you have mastered the skills of storytelling. 

Fiction Writers’ Master Class will drill you on these skills through clear examples, plus in-session assignments.

Fiction Writers’ Master Class
is for writers who are serious about taking their expertise and vision to publication level.  This Master Class is for those willing to improve, learn new techniques, polish their skills, and is not for tender egos, or the fearful.

Your instructors for this weekend class in hardball fiction intensive:


New York Executive Editor turned Literary Agent and writing instructor, Toni Lopopolo.


Executive Editor, USC and UCSB Masters of Writing Professor, author of over 35 books, Shelly Lowenkopf.

Sign up now – Space is limited to 8 writers

Friday, August 8 — 6:30 to 9:30 pm
Saturday, Aug 9 — 9:30 am to 5:30 pm
Sunday, Aug 10 — 9:30 am to 4:30 pm

Fee: $325 in a private home in Montecito, California

1.  Provision: writers must email the first 5 pages and a short synopsis before acceptance into the sessions.

2. A special price for Master Class writers at Cafe Luna in Summerland: lunches and dinners at discount.

To register, contact
Toni Lopopolo,
or call Toni at (215) 353-1151

What Students Say:

“The L and L team was just what the doctor ordered for me personally. I wrote this piece in four months with almost an obsessive zeal and spent the last year going over and over the material with a hired editor. I have had three people read it and each has paid me high compliments but none have any connection with the writing establishment. So, though it was pleasant to hear their words, I have been somewhat skeptical. You two have been the first people who have looked at it with experienced eyes and your perception has been invaluable. I was at a point of letting it all drift away and at the end of the session the woman next to me said she was excited about reading my story. I was thrilled.” – Michael J. Rogers

“I had a wonderful time at the XBC. Got a real kick out of Shelly. I could tell both of you bring a vast expanse of knowledge and experience to the table. Both of you work well together. It is always good to reinforce what I have learned, plus I learned much more. Took lots of notes. Quite motivational. I hope to attend more in the future.” – Antony